The newest blues song by Ian Mykel Saddest Girl In The World is an older style blues song built around E B7/9 C7. Its release date is November 10, 2022 on Bandcamp and delivers the listener to a place in time where life and the blues speak to the longing of life, to questions about happiness, and about the blues.

The story of this song is that there is someone going down the street to see the saddest girl in the world, but we do not know why she is sad, why he goes to see her, what relationship they have, and what such relationships might mean about their personalities. For me, that’s where I find art. Not in the obscurity as much in the possibilities of what remains unspoken.

The older style chords arrangement E B7/9 C7 (with an A tossed in) presents new opportunities for the songwriter / musician that can ease us away from the more standard blues we might find in a bar. Some great blues to be found in bars for sure, but there is always more to learn from the blues. I particularly enjoy playing with the B7/C7 interconnections possible with solos mixing scales.

This song features Griffin Mykel doing a fantastic job on the muted Trumpet mimicking the singing voice of the break. This last summer Griffin played trumpet with drum corp “Cincinnati Traditions”. It has really paid off for him as he is able to inflect great subtly into his performance. The amazing art work on the cover is a watercolor of A Window In Rain painted by my next door neighbor Jill Davis.

Once again, I used Direct IN for the guitar. There was some minimal processing that went into it. The Bass is also Direct In, and stomps along playfully hitting B, C, D#, E and a dip in the A#, a little just for fun. I imagine a tuba playing this line, which for me really brings out that older style blues feel built around E B7/9 C7.

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