Who Is…

Ian Mykel

I write songs in exploration of different genres as a way to better understand different emotions, as a quest to understand humanity. I write songs in any style, from simple parlor tunes for piano to adventurous approaches to rock, jazz, blues, and maybe a little country thrown in. I guess I would have to classify myself as Americana.

I’ve played a variety of instruments and styles with different bands performing Folk, Punk, Noise, Carnival, Rock, Bluegrass, and Jam / Rave. I have spent many years as a stay-at-home dad. When I wasn’t picking up the house, or spending time with my kids (now older), I would duck into my home studio to write, record, and improve my skills.

I received a B.S. at Ohio University in Audio Production and have had a home studio ever since. My passion has always been in creating what I consider to be music that shows emotion, approaching lyrics as a necessary yet unpleasant part of songwriting, usually meant to emphasis the emotions of the music. At times I simply build songs so that I can write guitar solos for them (I’m a little bit proud of some of my solos).

My father bought me a cheap guitar when I was fifteen. During my later teens (and beyond) I learned many instruments and performed with a number of instruments heard on my recordings over the years. I mostly limit myself to the guitar, bass, drums, and piano, each in my own untrained way. Most of my music is done completely using real instruments, unless encouraged otherwise by style or practicality.

I live in Columbus OH, where I occasionally perform at an open mic. You can listen to my music at https://ianmykel.bandcamp.com

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