What About Validation

Ian is excited to announce the upcoming release of his first vinyl album. “What About Validation” is expected to be ready for distribution late Spring 2024. This album combines the re-workings of some of Ian’s earlier releases, to create something new and pleasing to listen too. This album will also be the release of the song “What About Validation”. The overall feel of the project might be described as a variety album set in two broad perspectives of relationships; positive on side A and negative on side B. The simple artwork of the album was painted by Ian. Financial support was provided by a grant from the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

The versions of the songs on this album are not expected to be released digitally, because there’s something nice about wanting something to do, and then picking up an album and holding it, and reading the supporting material, and then putting the record on. And, then just being in a space. You can sit. You can do stuff around the house. It’s different than radio. It’s different than AI telling me what I’m going to learn to enjoy on a streaming service. It’s different than a CD player, because the obvious mechanical analog of the record player makes the thing feel like a toy. It feels like playing with something and listening to people play with things and instruments going into a console in some room in the past, and they are talking to me in play-talk, and listening feels like participating.

Listen to even more at his bandcamp page.