After The Storm

After The Storm is a song by Ian Mykel, released on Bandcamp on October 30, 2022 It is a stark look at a relationship that is falling apart. After the Storm is a dark, slow rock song with interesting chord progressions and a unique melody. The sparse instrumentation; guitar, drums, and voice, are presented clean yet full of emotions as the choice was made to avoid using reverb. The hope is that the sound of the toms and cymbals fill the emptiness and draws attention to it. After The Storm is a song that examines relationship failure.

This song is the first time using the newest microphone setup for my drum kit. Years of work to get a good overhead sound has me returning to a shure sm57 pair, set apart behind the drum throne, the signals running from that pair into a nice pre-amp. The pre on the overheads really helps (that’s something that’s new for me). The mic on the snare batter is a G5790 I got at the Music-Go-Round. That’s working out well. I usually prefer a guitar that’s been run through an amp. With this song I also begin to explore running a guitar direct with some post processing.

This is the second time I’ve tried to record this song, the first was much heavier with reverb and stuff. Also the last words “woe, woe, woe…” and new and are a very important part of the song.

I feel this works to help this song be a song that examines relationship failure, at least that’s what it set out to do. Look for it on all streaming services soon.

Listen to After The Storm on my Bandcamp page.

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