Ever watch one of those mafia movies where the boss has information on a regular guy, and the mafia makes that regular guy do something horrible?

Russia is a notorious mafia state. Now that mafia state has probably expanded its reach into the White House. It is now in the position of making America do something horrible. So let’s look at Who is Who on this issue, and what we know so far.

Russia controls the Bank of Cypress. There is one American who is a partner with that Russian controlled bank. Wilber Ross. Wilber Ross was just confirmed as head of the U.S. Commerce Department. That is questionable on its own. It becomes frightening when you consider one of the other partners of that bank paid Donald Trump 100 million dollars for a property worth one third that cost. Then Donald Trump puts forth Wilber Ross’s name for Department Head.

Jeff Sessions, the nations top police official, pledged under oath that he had not met with any Russians. He didn’t specify certain conditions, he flat out denied it. It has come out that he lied, that he had met with Russians. Now he’s trying to hem and haw about what he meant, but he’s already had a chance to correct the record and he just let that statement stand. He’s not dumb. He didn’t just walk away from congressional testimony and not rethink his statements. He could have made changes to his statement, but he let it stand. One can only assume he meant to mislead. Now it’s come out he used campaign money to pay for that meeting.

How are we now supposed to believe anything he says, that anyone he prosecutes is legitimately worthy? How can we be sure that he isn’t looking away as the Russian Mafia manipulates our country? You can’t be sure because he has already been caught telling lies. He tried to hide his communications with the Russians. He has stepped aside but needs to resign.

General Flynn was the 18th director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. He would have to know how phones are tapped and how people are watched. It is inconceivable that he could have been so careless as to be caught by his own spies. Yet, he resigned for being caught communicating with Russians and lying about it.

Some people have suggested that Flynn has ‘Taken the fall’ for the administration to protect the White House’s connections to Russia.

Are the Russian connections inside the White House more important than anything else in America? I think not. We need a real investigation. Call your Representative and tell them.

Find his or her number on the internet and call your Representative and Senators and tell them we want an Independent Council, or a real bi-partisan investigation.

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