Ian Mykel

I am a singer/guitarist performing originals. I strive to create captivating rhythms and melodies with words that carry nuance and subtlety. You will hear a cross of styles that can only be described as Americana, making heavy use of Blues / Jazz, Folk, Rock and Appalachian Traditional and more. Song topics range from heartache and loneliness, to love and lust, as well as just feeling good.

My personal exploration of the guitar began when my father bought me a cheap one when I was fifteen. I’ve played a variety of instruments and styles with different bands performing covering Folk, Punk, Noise, Carnival, Rock, Bluegrass, and Jam / Rave.

I have spent the last fourteen years as a stay-at-home dad in Worthington Ohio. When I haven’t been picking up the house, or getting kids to school, I duck into my home studio to write, record, and improve my skills. Now, my children are older and I have more time. So I am stepping back onto the stage to share what I have learned.

Coming Soon: