The failure of Poverty as incentive

Our economy, ‘The Free Market’, or Neo-Liberalism, needs people to be poor in order to exist. Poverty is the stick that encourages people to work hard, and to do better. Poverty is the stick that beats people who fail to make it to a middle-class job. It is the stick that beats people who, (and pushes people to) become addicted to drugs, abuse their spouses and kids. Poverty, not lack of hard work, turns people to commit many of the crimes.

Poverty is the excuse for a society to turn it’s back on vets, and on the mentally ill. It is the mantra (in the form of the phrase ‘personal responsibility’) that chooses to ignore mass murders and disease. Poverty is the stick that separates people into races of people who are fighting against each other, instead of working together, in an economy that is rigged to support no body except the already very wealthy.

Poverty is the excuses which allows the “Me first” mentality that is so corrupting.

Poverty has failed to elevate the masses into an economically healthy working-class. Until we as a society can admit that poverty is an essential part of the failed economic system of Neoliberalism, poverty will remain. It would be foolish to try to fight poverty without first understanding how it is needed in our economic system.

But what if there was a different way to approach economics.

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