Step 1: End the Two Party System

Earlier I wrote that if you support Trump you are a fascist. I need to clarify that if you voted against Hillary by voting for Trump, you did what the fascists hoped you would. But, if you defend everything Trump does with rage and ridicule against others, then, yeah, you should rethink your opinions of democracy. I myself did not support Hillary, yet I did vote against Trump by voting for her. And that is just as bad as voting for Trump. This is the real problem of our election system. We don’t vote for people. We vote against people. It has allowed our democracy to become a breeding ground for the fall of democracy.

Voter apathy is the greatest sin in a democracy, yet our electoral system encourages us to be apathetic, or to be angry, and anger is the root of revolution. We can either stay home or vote for the lesser of two evils. No wonder 50% of the eligible voters actually stayed home. 25% of America voted for Trump, 25% voted for Clinton, everyone else recognized the system is broken.

When it comes to strengthening our democracy and stopping the rise of fascism, the first institution we must address is the two party system and bring it to a permanent end. Period. Hard stop with federal law and possible constitutional amendment. The first call to action to achieve this goal is for every person to stop giving donations to Republicans or Democrats. Do Not Give Money or Time To A Party. If you want to donate, be sure that your candidate promises to actively support replacing the two party system with a balanced and fair multi-party system that will allow people to vote for their desires, instead of voting against their fears.

By removing the two party system the problems surrounding gerrymandering districts is lessened as it becomes much more difficult to predict how people will vote, so when the districts are drawn they will naturally revert to areas of population and political and natural borders. Still, gerrymandering needs to be addressed as a severe threat to democracy.

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