I just wrote this letter to my Representative, Pat Tiberi in regards to the Daily Beast article on the CPB refusing to adhere to a court order.

To Pat Tiberi:
It has come to my attention that the Customs and Border Protection agents defied a court order. If we are no longer a nation of laws, God help us all. I hope you agree that it is exceedingly dangerous that the Customs and Border Protection, or any government office, would willfully choose to ignore a court order in favor of carrying out the wishes of any President.

Any failure on your part to address such a willful trampling of our constitution, allowing such actions to remain unchecked, will only embolden future revolution within other federal departments. The burden of addressing this falls squarely upon you, right now, today. And any failure on your part to do something about it will reflect very poorly upon your character.

To say this event is frightening is a mild reflection of the true weight of such an action, by any of our agencies. It is my belief that leaders at the CBP should be subjected to hearings immediately, and someone should face termination.

Thank you

Ian Mykel

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