Humans are grand at many things. Falling into the traps of avarice is chief among our greatest skills. Saddly, the true detriments of greed are often hidden behind fictional tributes and empty excuses. Those who should feel guilt for their greed instead hold up tattered examples of historic systemic failures as evidence, to support the assured destructions (of self and others) caused by that piggish and foul stenched thing that is selfishness.

Such people obfuscate the act of creation by applying their own mental incongruities upon that creative process (that it exists solely for the purpose of making money), all-the-while steeling those creations, and maintaining access to the creative tools, to ensure any monetary gains are only directed back into the pockets of the uncreative. That is fine. But where is the proof that the system of greed has ever succeeded on a grand scale? Where is the evidence that all are lifted through the act of kicking others down (by the very measures that the greedy have themselves created)?

The greedy seek to gather trinkets of cheap desire; gold; gems; icons of wealth in the eyes of those whom they seek to control. But any who would be so easily controlled in that way lack merit or value as an ally. For the next to offer even more will woo away those new found ‘friends’. Or, those friends will find that their interest are not being met, and they will turn.

Stupid. Control of wealth would seem to make one a master. But such masters are fools. Grand objectives are disintegrated into meaningless acquisitions of more in order to gain more, and so on. A circular and unimaginative exercise that lacks any nuance, or creativity. One should be ashamed to be so cleverless.

Greed only signifies one to be shallow, without interest or substance. It is easy to stab a fellow in the back when your only idea of achievement is the gaining of a bauble. It is such a depressing existence that can only lead one toward anger and resentment at playing an invented game which has no possibility of a triumphant finale. In that game there is no end. There is no striving for a greater cause other than giving oneself away to the primal power of the shiny object. The imagined master is actually a subject to his or her greed. A sub to the dom of primal sadness. The game of greed can ever only lead one to hide their bereft behind cheap measures of status, false control, and immediate animistic gratification. *Yawn*

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