I don’t know, but I feel there is not a division of law enforcement that is geared toward turning people away from being evil.

What I mean is, it seems when someone is aligned with terrorists or subversive activities that can lead to dangerous behaviors, our current practice is to simply set them up for capture. But couldn’t there be other methods to dealing with potentially dangerous people?

What if we took a multifaceted approach to dealing with potentially dangerous persons. We should still keep an eye on them with plants and spies, but we should also try to talk them away from radicalism. Let’s put specially trained people into seemingly spontaneous interactions with subjects of investigations, to respectfully disagree, to converse with them about alternate actions? What if religious groups and families were discretely informed about a person’s views and potential danger?

Yeah. Some people are too far gone. And all this might sound mamby-pamby and weak, but frankly I have a problem with the government sponsored “Devil on the shoulder” approach, the setting people up with fake weapons and false scenarios with the expectation that they are going to go too far and can then be caught. What if there were a simultaneous option being offered, an “Angel on the other shoulder” that can try to coax people back into society, away from extremism.

I am all in favor of catching the bad people in the world before they cause harm. I just think it would be better overall if we could convert people away from radicalism as part of a planned strategy, instead of just sending them to jail. What a waste that is.

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