The sidewalks of democracy must bear the weight of many souls plodding along on their way to a better life. Like most sidewalks we give little thought to its safeguard, assuming some institution or authority will tend and care for it as we bustle by each other, our own interests foremost in our minds.

All sidewalks become damaged by time, chipped and cracked by constant wear, specifically by the pressures of heavier feet that tread careless of the need to maintain such causeways, that further all journeys toward prosperity and peace. Tiny cracks in a sidewalk are soon filled with weeds, their roots sinking deep with surprising strength. Cracks grow, spread and large chunks begin to chip off, leaving pot holes and unpredictable terrain. Long growths of noxious foliage rise up and trip passersby, who begin to collide with one another, their mutual interests becoming confused, they start to bicker and fight.

Fascism sprouts from the cracks of democracy. It reaches out and falters our step, interrupts our peace and threatens to destroy us all completely. There is no institution to repair that sidewalk. There is no caretaker for democracy, other than every person who uses that sidewalk to do so with thought. We must all ensure that those who hope to use democracy to achieve their goals do so with respect and distributed weight, in order to perpetuate democracy far into the future, for our own sake, and for the peace and hope of our children.


All across the world fascism and an authoritarian Right is taking hold in dangerous ways that are the direct result of the super wealthy changing laws that diminish democracy to their own benefit. Take heed. When wars begin the wealthy make a lot of money. War might seem to be about one thing or another, but it is always about printing money with ink made from blood and horror.

It started with the consolidation of power and money to just a few people in the world, who use that power and wealth to further destroy democracy. It was expanded by neo-liberalism and an ‘orchestrated’ quest for a global currency that was not allowed to happen naturally so that the few could control that they continued to benefit while others lost opportunities and freedoms. It is no wonder that people across the free world now feel separated from their democracy and their leaders, and as a response they have joined the extreme groups who are funded by those same few wealthy people to push to punish those leaders who will not aquence to their dictates, by further eroding democracy. It is long coming and it is dangerous. Now is the time to reinvigorate democracy. Forget about your specific policy agenda. Fight for democracy or lose.

The best way to fight growing fascism and the Right is to expand democracy. Do not be tempted by personal political power that stifles the people and evaporates their voice, or the people will explode in uncontrollable ways that will result in great violence. Instead, open the doors and windows of government, give evenly away the keys to participation. The resolve of democracy is built upon policies focused on inclusion instead of blurred by specifics of outcomes. This is the only way to fight the rising fascism.

The rise of fascism is real and it is dangerous. It will grow so quickly that we may miss our chance to do anything about it, because when America, ‘the world’s police force,’ has finally succumbed to the brutality of authoritarianism, who will be there to stand up against her?

There will be no other country or union capable of leading a D-day charge against our shores. And specifically, not when most other countries are dealing with their own rises of fascism and hatred, which castrates political momentum that could otherwise take defying actions. The resolve to fight back against totalitarian global power is fading quickly before us, despite the reasonable voices among us who place hope in democratic processes that have already been weakened by insipid backroom deals, lobbying lies and campaign financing. Those democratic processes are too weighted down by debt and burdens of partisan game-play. It is time to rise above these flaws.

Make no mistakes. History has already shown us what will happen. Fascism will destroy democracy everywhere. Too many lives are at risk for any one person to place their own political or monetary interest above the requisite to expand democracy. Now is the time to insist your representatives make participation the central plank of any political party platform.

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  1. There is no salvation forthcoming from our representatives. Only the guillotine can save us now. Unfortunately we’re too timid to use it.

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