An Open Letter to Donald Trump

I usually withhold poetry and such on this site, even though it was intended at first to show such writing. I make an exception today with no real hope that President Trump might read this. However, it expresses something I would have him hear if I could.

And yes, I do consider this to be poetry, even though it lacks usual rhyme or meter. What it does have is breaks that are meant to provide structure of thought, which is over used, but seems to be a requirement of the medium most of the time.

I would be lucky to have any readers at all, but any who might stumble by should keep in mind the choice to use Great Men is intentional. So here it is: Great Men Will Be Remembered Greatly.

Great men will be remembered greatly
For their words alone.
It is the words great men choose
To address issues of heavy importance,
Delivered with a delicate touch of phrase
That gathers close the spirit of interest and commitment
From other men, longing to hear a deliberate tone
And a thoughtful choice of word,
That make all men great.

The great man will then return
Those same interests and commitments to their owners,
More nuanced and focused
Than when first he had lured that spark of curiosity
And goodness,
Awake from deep within the hearts of men,
And in doing so the great man will
Introduce those who would listen to
The sound of their own humanity
While revealing to each one present, the humility
Required to carve each word within each sentence,
Showing these listeners the respect they deserve
For allowing each syllable to steal away their attentions
From what otherwise may be, perhaps, better spent
Tending to the burdens and struggles
Shaping the daily lives of those whom they love.

Greatness is bestowed, later
By everyday people holding dear to the few among us
Whose messages carried forward aspirations of hope
For a world void of the fears we each mull
throughout the quiet times of our days.

That bestowal of greatness by others is a declaration,
Celebrating who we all strive to be;
Attentive, thoughtful, inquisitive, and most of all
Respectful to our foes in a way that shows even our friends
We are ultimately one united family.
They will say.
“That is who we are!”

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