Covid-19 isn’t gone, but has been subdued enough that people are beginning to perform again. For example the Easy-Least has a show at the Space Bar on the August 20. Open mics are sprouting up again and people are going out. While performing has not been something I have done much of over the last 20 plus years, I hope to change that part of my relationship to music.

I begin this journey Wednesday (tomorrow). The plan is to tow my camper to Athens and stay at Strouds Run. I’ll drive into town and attempt to sign up for the Open Mic at Casa Nueve (hosted by Chris Biester). show starts at 8:00.

Strouds Run has no electric hook up, and no reservations… so I hope the whole trip isn’t a bust. But either way I get to see my mother, and maybe a few old friends.

IanM Live Performances

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