I regret how long it has taken me to realize the signs and threats of growing fascism in our country over the past two or three decades. It is not enough to examine the tiny footsteps soft fascists have taken to carry our body politic to the edge of a great existential chasm, upon which we now find ourselves teetering. We should not waste time lamenting the mistakes made, and nor is our role to walk back those misguided actions as an act of defiance, for this will do nothing to stop the rise of fascism in the future. Instead we must identify the process and institutions currently in place that have brought us here, and create meaningful change. The struggle of our time should not be only directed against fascists, but rather we should pay an unprecedented amount of attention addressing the systems that currently exist, today, which have allowed fascism to take hold in the hearts of our fellow Americans.

Identifying and changing systems of American virtues and values invites subversion of our democracy by those who would seek profit and malice. However, this threat should not dissuade us from attempting to accomplish such a thing, because the results of doing nothing has already shown us the danger. However, we should be on guard, and should ward against subterfuge with a clear and open processes to identify key items for change that must be presented and agreed upon both publicly, gathering input from as many sources as possible, and be done so with as much haste as is reasonable and possible once the opportunity arises. I am not informed that such a movement is already taking place, but I believe it will soon come about, and it is imperative that it happens, and the time is ripe for such a movement.

I would like to place my ideas before the world in general, so that perhaps I might offer someone else a point of reflection, but even if the only outcome from my effort is to create background for my own ideas then that is good too. In the next few posts I will humbly attempt to make suggestions for how things could be fixed, providing reasons about why and how.

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