About Ian

To tell you something about myself, maybe that I am stubborn, or pleasant, lazy, humorous, stupid, whatever it might be, on any day, someone with a different opinion about me will probably also be correct.

I do the musician, poet, artist, stay-at-home-dad thing, with some gardening and projects on the side. My educations is in telecommunications with minors in music, speech-hearing sciences and Asian lit.  I occasionally blog opinions I have no right to possess or share, I take photos, and run a small recording studio I have dubbed 325.

Feel free to leave a comment. However, I mostly get spam and I tend to put off looking at new comments. I also enjoy spending time with family, including a decreasing number of pets.

I’m currently working on creating Sheet Music for some of my songs, as well as recording some of the music I come up with.
You can find some songs created over the years at bandcamp.